The World Association of Master Chefs has been established and supported by fellow culinary masters and professional chefs from around the world who migrated to Australia in the early 1950's. WAMC has a broad resources network spreading around the world while connecting and combining the culinary art and food culture from varies corners on the globe. WAMC is a professional group who is continuously challenging in innovation and creativity. these Principles lay the foundation of what the Association stands for and believes.

The Fundamental Principles of WAMC

  1. Adopting global industry requirements and world class standards as the basic guidelines, working closely together with various worldwide well known professional culinary and catering organizations, as well as institutes, associations, chamber of commerce and education sectors, aiming to supply international class of services, and support to fellow members in management aspect, planning and promoting, skills upgrade and other services.

  1. Associate with well known masters and celebrity chefs from around the world to form the WAMC chairman board and advisor group, developing international memberships and establishing a wide and broad associate network to assure the quality of services delivered and capability of WAMC. Provide flexible, detailed and a variety services along with related products to the hospitality sectors, maximizing the allocation and utilization of resources available.

  1. Organising food, cooking materials and culinary art exhibitions, international culinary show and competitions and encouraging the exchange of professional skills and experience within the industry.

  1. Arranging and offering professional culinary training, internationally recognised professional certification, as well as enhancing the professional image of fellow culinary masters on the global stage.

  1. Creating and providing worldwide job opportunity for hotel and hospitality industries, advancing the resource of professionals nationally and internationally.

  1. Helping fellow experts and master chefs in promoting their new innovations and ideas while enhancing the quality of food and culinary art worldwide.

  1. Assisting in catering firms and culinary related enterprises, organisations or institutions in implementing specific quality assurance and service standards and focusing on plans or ideas in local and international market to improve these services.

  1. Driving and propelling the worldwide development of culinary art and experience sharing in food cultures.

  1. Promoting and building up world class standard, setting up an international benchmark and worldwide recognized professional criterion for the culinary industry.