Visit to Emerson School


Visit to Emerson School

President Ferguson spent the day with a kitchen class from Emerson School on Wednesday this week. Emerson School is a Special school in Melbourne Victoria where children with learning difficulties are educated and given a chance at developing into great citzens.

The Kitchen Skills taught at Emerson will help the students in their basic living and growth into adulthood.

Many of the students in the class have ADHA or Aspergers and find it hard to assimilate into traditional class environments. This class allows them to develop the same sorts of skills in Maths, English and Science but is focused around food preparation and design.

“I was totally blown away with the class. They were so much fun to be with and they certainly enjoyed asking me hundreds of questions.” Mr Ferguson said.

Mr Ferguson made a special presentation to the students of a small Membership Medal each. “The medal is traditionally given to senior Chefs but the looks on the faces of these children made my day. Sometimes we have to go outside of the norm to provide excitement to students who may never reach the lofty heights of a full Chef. Our job though is to give the the encouragement to try.