Medals & Awards

Membership Medal

The Membership medal is available to all Members irrespective of the level of membership.
This medal is a small representation of the main Master Chef medal.  It is worn from a Red and Gold Ribbon and is coated in Gold plating to give a wonderful shine and appearance.

Master Chef Medal

The Master Chef medal is the highest Achievable award in the Association and is available to Senior Members or higher.  The medal is only worn with a Red and Gold full Full-width sash and is affixed in place on the sash.
Only members of the association can purchase this medal and a nomination form is required with purchase.

WAMC International Judge

The WAMC International Judge Medal is available to all Senior and Executive members who have completed the required Judge training.


The title of Ambassador is not available to the general public.  Only the Senior Executive can bestow an Ambassadorship on a person.

An Ambassador does not have to be a member of the Association in order to be appointed but once appointed receives an Executive Level Membership for life.