Master Chef

What is a WAMC Master Chef?

A Master Chef one of the highest honours in the Association and you must be a qualified Chef in order to achieve this prestigious title.

It is not freely given out simply by becoming a member.  The Award is achieved through nomination only and is awarded for services to the Industry and the Association.

The long-standing tradition of the Association is that anyone can nominate a current member for the award however only a select number achieve such a title.  It is the highest award in the industry and unlike many other awards is only bestowed to the very elite.

Membership Vs Master Chef Medal

There are two main versions of the Medal.  The first is the Membership Medal (small) and the second is the Master Chef Medal (Large). The two medals should be worn together.



To be considered for a Master Chef Medal you need to have the following:


  • Certified experience as a chef. Working in a kitchen only is not sufficient,
  • Where possible a formal qualification in Cooking or a related field from a recognised educational institution.
  • Two (2) references from previous and/or current employers attesting to your work ethic and commitment.

Preferred but not essential:

  • International experience outside of your own country
  • A University Degree in Cooking
  • International Judge Certification


  1. Please fill out the applicaiton form PDF Master Chef Appliction
  2. Fill in form below and make payment of AUD$1200.00 for application process.
  3. Email Application form along with documents to 


Master Chef