World Association of Master ChefsHistory

The “WAMC World Association of Master Chefs” (WAMC) original spirit and concept originated from the Australian immigration boom beginning in late 1949 after the Australian government reduced the immigration laws in late 1948.  A large number of immigrants from Europe and Asia brought new opportunities for communication and cooperation between Australia and the world’s food and beverage industry.

Famous chefs from all over the world came together to form a group dedicated to promoting the development and exchange of global hospitality culture. This group had a deep history and brought the essence of hospitality culture from all over the world into Australia. With world hospitality in continuous development at all levels, it grew into a strong group with a global resource network, international academic exchange, international education professional certification, and international cooking professional training.

In October of 2006, Mr Sunly Kwong Lo met celebrity chef Mr Martin Yan. Both men had been invited to attend as guests, a function hosted by the Vocational Training Council (VTC, www.vtc.edu.hk), Hong Kong. Through discussion and a lot of late nights, Mr Lo assisted Mr Yan in establishing the Chef Martin Yan’s Culinary Arts Centre in China. Mr Yan went on to host the US award-winning cooking show “Yan Can Cook” and moved to the United States.

For the next two years, Mr Lo continued to grow the hospitality skills programs and competitions across the globe. In addition to his ongoing work, Mr Lo continued to operate and oversee several other institutions such as the International Culinary and Hospitality Association (ICHA) and the International Wine Academy (IWA).

By the end of 2006, Mr Lo made the decision to combine the ICHA and the IWA into one organisation called the World Association of Master Chefs and locate the main operation in China. This decision by Mr Lo was based on his years of previous investigation and development as well as the networks and relationships he had formed. With Mr Lo at the head combined with his links to the original group of immigrants who sought to enhance the hospitality industry for everyone, the World Association of Master Chefs grew to become a recognised brand within the hospitality industry across Asia and Australia.

As the global culinary and cuisine association grew,  WAMC has become a platform for promoting international culinary art and food culture to the world thus legitimizing the original groups’ heritage.

Common Cry of the Association

Like many organisations around the world, the association prides itself on the excellence of its members and the skills which they bring to the industry.

The common cry of the association which is in Latin is “dignitatem ex hoc conatus” which in English means “excellence through effort“, a fitting statement for the skill level and dedication of all associated.

The initial function and service of WAMC

The idea and the concept of the WAMC are to provide a worldwide sharing platform for professional skills and experiences. With this worldwide network, various celebrity chefs, masters and hospitality experts from around the world are invited to join the membership of WAMC. With their valuable support and assistance WAMC can assist in the realisation of dreams and promoting the international culinary field along with worldwide cuisine and culture sharing activity through television shows, magazine, and others.

The form of WAMC as a company

With the suggestion and advice from the legal sector,  WAMC  is registered in Hong Kong and also Australia through our partnerships.  This is because the WAMC network covers international activities in various countries like  Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, England etc and due to the difference of regulations and laws, as well as the restriction and limitation in each region on association or non-profit organisation.

In addition, many of the WAMC activities and functions  involve legal contracts and agreements, plus Australian based association or non-profit organisation are also restricted and limited in overseas expansion or international activity by local statute and taxation guardian.

Personal Point of View on WAMC

Continuing to promote and develop the WAMC is an aim all members have. The oriental culinary and food culture is actually very broad, rich and colorful, but unfortunately the incomprehension and criticism by the media has misguided this perception as too ordinary and non-healthy, Therefore, a culture exchange and sharing platforms are needed to improve this perception, to share the experience and minimise the culture gap.

As an Australian Chinese, Sunly Lo wished to offer an opportunity to the international catering industry and fellow culinary masters to enjoy, introduce and admire the culinary art and food culture of Asia, as well as joining into the largest market in the world. In the meantime, it is also a valuable chance for all the culinary masters to show and demonstrate their talent to the world through the international recognised standard of the Australian professional assessment. Beside this, it is also a great chance to open up the opportunity of international business and worldwide job opportunity through specialised training services and offerings.

World Association of Master Chefs

Similar to worldwide recognised International Language Testing Systems, the WAMC program is aimed to produce and generate global recognised and world-class master chefs.

The Participation of Australian Culinary Masters

As a worldwide culinary and catering sharing platform, WAMC is currently progressing and inviting celebrity chefs, masters and catering specialist from around the world to participate and join the chairman board of WAMC. It is a great honor to be invited and also an affirmation and appreciation of the individual’s professional status in the industry. WAMC is offering a great space and platform for everyone to enjoy the quality of professional skills, the chance of professional upgrade and global business opportunities.

Our current Secretary General and Presidents consist of representatives from over 40 countries around the world and we continue to grow the membership opportunities.