Official Endorsements


The World Association of Master Chefs is always interested in how we can assist people and companies to improve their products and services which is why we offer official Product or Service Endorsements.

Not every product or service applying for an endorsement is granted one.  This is a selection process and review of the product or service and whether it fits into the branding and identity that the Association portrays.

What is a Product or Service Endorsement?

A product or Service endorsement involves The World Association of Master Chefs giving its approval for the virtue of a product or Service and both parties recommending it to customers as a good and safe product or service endorsed by the association. Endorsements can be effected by means of a statement to the public or by the endorsing party using it for all to see. It is common to use the WAMC Logo on products or marketing materials.

Product or Service endorsement constitutes a key element in business advertisement and should be included where possible in the overall marketing campaign of the product or service. Product or Service endorsement goes a long way in generating a brand’s awareness.

WAMC Product or Service endorsement works on the idea that consumers will be brought in and fascinated by the idea of using the same products or services as the WAMC and its members, not to mention the wealthy or influential people who are trusted or idolised by the hospitality industry. Consumers feel that they become affiliated with the said prominent figures or organisations if they use the advertised product or service.

Is there a cost to Endorse a Product or Service?

With many endorsements there is often a fee or remuneration involved.  WAMC does not have a set fee as we know every product is different and therefore the value placed on the endorsement should be different.  As an example an endorsement for a new College or culinary school would not be the same as endorsing a bottle of Pasta Sauce. Each product is taken on its merits and value and an agreeable decision is made together.  Often there is no money involved in an Endorsement rather  the Association will take the products or services as payment, reducing the overall costs to a supplier.

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