Affiliate Program


Affiliate Partnership Affiliate partnership is where the World Association of Master Chefs formally recognises another Association as a Corporate Member and partner. Affiliate Partners are entitled to all the same privileges and benefits as a Corporate Partner including the promotion as a Corporate Partner.  Affiliate Partners still require approval for the use of the WAMC logo just like any other Corporate Partner. Affiliate Partners do not pay for corporate membership. What is Affiliation Membership? Affiliate membership is where the World Association of Master Chefs forms an alliance and partnership with another Association.  This partnership is called an Affiliate Partnership. When an Affiliate Partnership is in place all Members of the other Association are automatically entitled to Free Affiliate Membership with the World Association of Master Chefs. What are the benefits of the Affiliate Membership? Affiliate Members receive the following benefits:
  • A Membership Certificate sent as a PDF via email
  • Access to:
    • Training Programs*
    • 2 Resource Library Points
    • Newsletters
    • International Profiles*
    • Event Tickets*
* Conditions apply
* Logo use on uniforms is not permitted for an Affiliate Member

Membership medals may be purchased at a greatly reduced price and it will be shipped along with a Certified Membership Certificate. An Affiliate Member cannot be a Judge or an Assessor and cannot be nominated for a Master Chef Medal.  Why become an Affiliate Partner with WAMC? Being a partner with the World Association of Master Chefs is a great way to gain valuable exposure for your own association.  WAMC does not discriminate against members for being in more than one association.  In fact WAMC encourages it, as this leads to a much greater benefit to the member directly. With over 70 years of international experience Affiliate Partners can have the opportunity to learn from highly skilled professionals on how to grow their own associations.  This access to such experience is all part of the Affiliate Partnership program. Another important aspect of an Affiliate Partnership is that special discounts and rewards are provided to the Partner Association for their members to sue.  Benefits such as Discount, Scholarships and awards, all distributed at the discretion of the Partner Association.  Many of these are only available to Affiliate Partners also.