Welcome to the World Association of Master Chefs

Membership Medal

A Master Chef one of the highest honours in the Association and you must be a qualified Chef in order to achieve this prestigious title.

It is not freely given out simply by becoming a member. The Award is achieved through nomination only and is awarded for services to the Industry and the Association.

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Master Chef Medal

The Master Chef medal is the highest Achievable award in the Association and is available to Senior Members or higher. The medal is only worn with a Red and Gold full Full-width sash and is affixed in place on the sash.
Only members of the association can purchase this medal and a nomination form is required with purchase.

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Become an International Judge

This information is currently being updated

Little About Us

The History Of us

The “WAMC World Association of Master Chefs” (WAMC) original spirit and concept originated from the Australian immigration boom beginning in late 1949 after the Australian government reduced the immigration laws in late 1948. A large number of immigrants from Europe and Asia brought new opportunities for communication and cooperation between Australia and the world’s food and beverage industry..

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